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$89.99 USD

Quick overview:

Woll EDGE - a cut above.

Key Features: 
Precise German design.
Made with German steel.
Perfectly balanced.
Ice hardened.
Quality craftsmanship.

Product Dimensions (Inches): 
5" knife
Product Weight (lbs): 

2 year limited against manufacturer's defects. 

Categories: Kitchen

The serrated tomato prep knife is German designed and made with ice-hardened German stainless steel. Cut fine slices of tomato and other delicate items without crushing them.

Woll EDGE knives are forged in one piece, keeping bacteria from seeping in to the handles. This series can be bought individually, allowing you to build a customized set. These perfectly balanced knives are a "must-have" for any kitchen. 

1. WOLL EDGE™ knives are dishwasher safe; however, we recommend hand washing them with lukewarm water and mild soap for product longevity. Dishwashers can dull and damage high-quality knives over time (e.g. discolouration, chipping from rubbing against other items, extreme heat exposure, etc.).
2. Store knives in a quality knife block, sleeve or on a magnetic knife bar. Abrasion with other knives in alternate storage may damage or chip knives. Storing knives properly also helps to prevent potential injury.
3. No stainless steel is 100% stainless. Damage can occur from acidic foods (e.g. tomatoes, citrus) if left on a knife for an extended period. A non-abrasive metal polish may be used to remove any discolouration from misuse.
4. With the exception of the Chef Knife (cleaver), WOLL EDGE™ knives should not be used to cut through bone or frozen foods. These knives should not be used to pry open bottles, jars or cans.
5. Be sure to use a smooth, quality cutting surface when using WOLL EDGE™ knives. We recommend wood, bamboo and polyethylene cutting boards. Surfaces such as granite, porcelain, glass and the like can dull and/or damage knives.
6. Use a quality steel, handheld or electric sharpener for sharpening knives at home. Optimally, seek professional assistance. For the serrated knife, professional sharpening is required.