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Quick overview:

Make your showering experience extraordinary.

Key Features: 
Gorgeous design with customizable height and direction.
Easy to install in any bathroom without plumbing/anchoring.
Variable water flow options.

Product Dimensions (Inches): 
9x9x13in (height 13" is stem/adjustable arm)
Product Weight (lbs): 

1 year limited against manufacturer's defects.

Categories: Household

The Smart Living Versatile Showerhead will transform your shower experience. The articulating arm of this unique showerhead is designed to fit any bathroom without plumbing or anchoring. The flexibility of the showerhead allows you to customize the height and direction that's right for you. It will enhance your bathroom decor without compromising power or performance. In addition, it fits all bathroom fixtures, has an innovative adjustable design, has hard water resistant silicone rubber spray tips, is easy to install without plumbing or anchoring, is made of durable chrome and brushed nickel plastics, and has variable water flow options. Your kit includes the Smart Living Versatile Showerhead unit, pressure controller, rubber seal with screen and Teflon tape.

How do I make installing my new shower head a success?
After removing your existing shower head, be sure to prep the threads by cleaning them with a wire brush to remove any old plumber's tape/reside. Ensure that the threads are 100% dry before applying the new plumber's tape included with your kit.
What is the best method for cleaning my shower head?
Using vinegar to either soak the showerhead to remove hard water build up or to clean the surface is the best method. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.