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Quick overview:

Strengthen your core, increase your circulation and get fit with MAXBURN.

Key Features: 
Built in Bluetooth and speakers.
Stylish ergonomic design that is easy to store.
Remote control operated.

Product Dimensions (Inches): 
Product Weight (lbs): 

2 year limited against manufacturer's defects.

Categories: Wellness & Leisure

Do you feel like you spend too much time sitting?  Say goodbye to an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle and allow the Maxburn Fitness Plate to increase your energy and vitality!  The Maxburn Fitness Plate provides a versatile & convenient workout. This new innovation greatly improves balance, circulation and core strength all within the comfort of your own home.  The Maxburn Fitness Plate causes whole body vibrations which results in rapid muscle contractions that make your muscles and core work harder to keep your balance.  The Maxburn Fitness Plate is made for simple use with the option of three settings:  walking, jogging and running. In addition, the level of vibration can also be adjusted within the range of 1-10.  It also has stylish LED lighting and a handy remote control!

I can't seem to get the Bluetooth to connect.
This unit can only connect with one device at a time. Disconnect any other device and establish a connection to the current device as soon as the unit is turned on.
How long can I use this device?
We suggest going slow to start off. Use for ten minutes at a time.
Feel free to contact our office with any questions via email: info@oceansales.ca.