Introducing Sophie

Introducing Sophie

Hi, I'm Sophie! You'll be seeing a lot of me in our newsletter, blog and on social media.

What's my job? I am here to help make your experience with Ocean Sales' products and our website even better. I will be offering tips, tricks, stories about user experiences and a ton of other great tidbits. I will also be following events and sharing all sorts of stories with you.  I've got a lot to share, and I hope you enjoy reading and hearing about it.

A little about me:  I consider myself to be sophisticated, a little picky and the type of person who wants the very best!  I also love anything that makes my day-to-day life easier, so I've got more time for the more important things.  Ocean Sales is the perfect companion to my busy lifestyle and I am sure you'll agree.  After all, at Ocean Sales they do say:  Live Better. We'll Show You How. 

A perfect motto if you ask me!

See you again soon.