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199.99 CAD

Quick overview:

Remove pain fast with Dr. Ho's Therapy System.

Product Dimensions (Inches): 
Varies per product component
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1 year limited against manufacturer's defects.

Categories: Wellness & Leisure

This medically licensed portable T.E.N.S. device using electric impulse therapies helps relieve many types of muscle pain, stiffness, improves blood and nerve circulation in addition to providing relief from many other conditions without side effects.  Electrical impulses are delivered through gel pads adhered to the skin at constantly changing frequency, speed and wave form. Includes the following: 1 set of large flextone pads, 4 sets of small gel pad electrodes, 1 set lead wires, footpads, control unit, carrying case, instructional CD Rom.

I cannot feel an impulse through my pads.
If this is not the first time you are using your pads, apply a bit of water with your fingertips to the gel pads. They should work great after following this tip.
I still cannot feel an impulse through my pads.
Please ensure both pads are touching your skin to complete the circuit and allow the impulse to come through.