The Aloe Vera Pillow is Now in Costco

The Aloe Vera Pillow is Now in Costco

A restful sleep is one of the best ways to ensure good health and the energy needed to get through the day.  Sleep promotes better heart and metabolic health and is a strong contributor to happiness and peace of mind. 

To assist with sleep, we are ecstatic to now be offering Luxury Aloe Vera Pillows (value 2-packs) via Special Events at Costco Canada warehouses. 

Did you know that Aloe Vera contains vitamins, is a natural antibacterial agent and is known to be excellent for your skin and hair?  In addition, this soft and luxurious product is 100% made in Spain.

The Canadian tour has just begun and we have been busy working our way through Western Canadian cities.  We look forward to bringing our Road Show to other provinces through this year with both queen and king size value packs.  Check our show schedule to see if the Aloe Vera Pillow is coming to a warehouse near you!

Can't wait for a show?  Click here to purchase the pillows via our website today.